Ramadan 2018 Appeal


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Appeal for Donors / Student Sponsorship

Salaam alaykum (Peace be on you!). This post is to appeal for donors to help with the education of orphans at DM Orphanage (Morogoro). The cost of living in Tanzania has risen significantly and DMO is taking steps to ensure it can keep up with the demands to support the children at DMO. One of our resident teacher’s spouse, for example, is taking up courses in sewing and early childhood education so she can help with the younger children. Another head teacher’s spouse is taking a poultry course with the intent that we can maintain a poultry shed at DMO. The more self-sufficiency projects we can initiate, the less DMO will depend on individual donations that are not always consistent year-over-year. We manage, for example, 9 kiosks in the DMO area and the rent from them help us with the staff salaries. But we still need to find resources for basic groceries and school fees. And then there are one-off expenses.

At present, for example, we need a water-bore-hole at our shamba (farmland), which costs US$8000 but without water there is little that can be done. We plant chillies, cassava and beans. We also plan to maintain goats and chicken and have found a local farmer willing to maintain all this and live at the shamba with his wife and two children. We have now also signed up for health insurance for all the children and staff at DMO, valid for treatment at government hospitals in Morogoro.

We also have some major repair work pending at DMO. The rainy season brings flooding right up to the dorms, kitchen and store and it spoils a lot of things. So we have to put up a ramp at the gate to stop the inflow of rainwater and a small underground chamber with a valve to pump out the extra water. Our roofs are leaking and its wooden supports have rotted.  We have to renovate the kitchen that has cracks on the walls.

As we focus on finding donors to finance such projects, we need your help with sponsoring the school/tuition fees for individual children on an ongoing basis. We presently have 50 boys and are expecting 4 newcomers.

We currently have 7 boys in kindergarten and elementary school and the cost of sponsoring each child is US50 per month.

We also have 7 boys in university/college and their sponsorship (tuition fees, boarding and meals) costs US$114 per month (for each student). The 7 boys are:

  1. Tamim Iddi Issa –  Diploma in Environmental Science Ins. for Environment, Climate and Development Sustainability
  2. Salum Hamisi Iddi –  Lab Technician at Eckernforde Tanga Institute of Health Sciences
  3. Saidi Yahya Abdallah – BA Edu. – Kampala International University
  4. Mussa Omari Ngesa –  Community Health St. Augustine Muheza – Institute of Health and Allied Sciences
  5. Mussa Druweshi Athuman – Community Health Vector Control Training Centre
  6. Ramadhani Daruweshi Athumani –  Human Resources St. Joseph’s College – Institute of Business & Management
  7. Issa Baraka Issa – Journalism – Morogoro School of Journalism


For more information on how you can sponsor a child or help, please email us at dmorphanage95@gmail.com 

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